Myths & Facts Hip Replacement

Myths & Facts Hip Replacement - Dr. Rahul Damle

Too Old ?

Hip replacement is safe and successful at any age. With modern & regional anaesthesia, infection fighters, and the skill of experienced joint surgery specialists, you don’t “have to live with the pain.”

Too Young ?

Today’s bearing surfaces (Ceramics) make artificial joints last longer than ever before. When performed properly, hip replacement can be expected to last 15-20 years. When the first hip replacement wears out, another new one can be put in. It’s much like re-treading a tire or recapping a tooth.

Too Overweight ?

For people with hip arthritis, it’s almost impossible to lose weight when even simple walking is too painful. In fact, it’s much easier to exercise and lose weight when hips are pain-free after hip replacement.

Too Long To Recover ?

Patients are usually allowed to walk within 3-4 days after surgery. Discharge from the hospital is around the 6-7th day. Healing and recovery after hip replacement is generally complete in 6 weeks.

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