Dr. Rahul Damle - Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Pune

Dr. Rahul Damle, Best Orthopaedic Surgeon, is currently working as a consultant orthopedic surgeon With Jahangir hospital & Ratna Hospital in Pune. Orthpaedic doctor, Dr. Rahul Damle  has been practicing since last 20 years. He has completed his MBBS in 1995 from the prestigious B J Medical College, Pune with distinctions in Anatomy and ENT. Then he completed his post-graduation with a Masters in Surgery in 1999 from Pune University & got his DNB degree from Delhi University in the same year. He has been associated with Jehangir Hospital & Ratna / Joshi Hospitals for the last 15 years and his primary interest lies in the fields of Hip & Knee Replacements, Arthroscopic Reconstructive surgery & Complex Trauma. He is one of the Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Pune.

The doctor is also a stem cell transplant surgeon who has acquired training in orthopaedic surgery and stem cell transplantation from some of the most prominent institutes. He has performed  extensive number of knee replacement surgeries. He also conduct physiotherapy sessions that constitute an important part of any orthopaedic procedure as it helps in restoring the movement of the concerned body part. He studies each patient carefully and take minute detail into account followed by offering the apt course of treatment for best results.

He is a Fellowship trained surgeon from the renowned St. George Hospital, Sydney, Australia specializing in Knee and Hip replacements along with Arthroscopic Reconstructive surgery.

Since then, he has been in Private practice in Pune city. He has been associated with Jehangir Hospital & Ratna / Joshi Hospitals since the last 15 years and his primary interest lies in the fields of Hip & Knee Replacements, Arthroscopic Reconstructive surgery & Complex Trauma.

Dr. Damle is an active Member of National level Orthopaedic Associations and the prestigious AO Education Foundation. He is a faculty on much-advanced training Orthopaedic Education Programs as well, Also actively involved in the training of resident post-graduate trainees at the hospital. He is the Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Pune who is expert to treat all type of orthopaedic disorders.


Orthopaedic surgeon in Pune

Dr. Rahul Damle

MS(Orth), DNB (Orth), AFAOA (Australia)

What We Offer

  • We Offer the latest Orthopaedic surgeries and methods in India. We do bone and joint replacement operations which include the most popular Arthroscopic and Reconstructive procedures
  • Orthopedic surgeons explore nonsurgical choices first, such as pain medication or rehabilitation. They also have the expertise to do surgery to repair an injury or repair a situation, if required.
  • Our surgeons will check for general orthopedic conditions and diseases of the patient and give treatment based on the research. Dr. Rahul Damle is the Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Pune.

Our Speciality

Total Knee Replacement

This provides information for you and your family regarding total knee replacement surgery. The goals are to restore your knee to a painless, functional status…

Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is an operational method for replacing the hip joint. This joint is made of two parts–the hip socket (acetabulum, a cup-type ossein..)


Arthroscopy is a surgical method orthopedic surgeons use to imagine, diagnose and handle problems inside a joint. The word arthroscopy comes from 2 Greek words, “arthro”…

PCL Reconstruction

The PCL is the main stabilizer of the knee and the central controller of how far backward the tibia moves below the femur. If the tibia goes too far back, the PCL can break…

Our Philosophy

Our first aim is to help our Patients feel healthy quickly with the best and most up to date method possible. We utilize advanced diagnostic procedures to locate the cause of a patient’s difficulty and then prescribe a treatment plan.

When patients visit 1st time they can expect to see quickly & get all answers of questuons before leaving. My practice is unique in that we provide comprehensive care of all orthopedic problems with the latest surgical techniques.

We are committed to serving our patients to heal swiftly so they can continue their desired activities as soon as possible. Our focus is on wellness over sickness, restoring health so that our patients can go back to doing the things they love most.

Best orthopaedic doctor in Pune, Best orthopaedic doctor in Pune


Very good consultation few years back I had severe leg pain due to gym and consulted him. After that leg pain went away in a weeks time. Thanks to Dr. Rahul Damle.

Sanjivani Gaikwad

Dr. Rahul is one of the best doctor we have come across recently. When other doctors were suggesting us to undergo surgery putting wires in fracture, he fitted the broken toe with a tape and even after 6 months there are no issues.

Vishhal Jaiin

My mother underwent TKR surgery last month under Dr Rahul Damle. Operation was successful to the fullest of my satisfaction. People of general perception that we should go to other renowned doctors in Pune for TKR, but Dr Rahul is no where the less in capability. Also, I found him to be a great person

Patnaik Santosh

I have known Dr. Rahul Damle for many years now. I along with my family members have had many surgeries with Dr. Damle. In fact, jokingly he is our “Family Orthopaedic surgeon” much like a family doctor. I have been extremely happy with the personalized attention and the meticulous care given. Has been an absolute pleasure to have known him

Mrs. Jayashree Upadhye

I visited Dr. Rahul Damle at Jehangir Hosp for my Knee ACL surgery. He was patient, understanding, professional and informative about the surgery I needed. Had a very good experience with his team and the hospital staff and the whole surgery process went through very smoothly Happy to have been with him.

Mr. Rahul Chavan

Dr. Damle has operated me for a Bilateral Knee Replacement, I have been very happy with the whole experience. In spite of living in the USA for many years, I have preferred getting my surgeries here in Pune with him. The after-care provided was excellent and the post-op recovery was very good.

Mrs. Sudha Karandikar


FAQs Questions

An orthopedic surgeon/orthopedist, is a medical professional who practices in the musculoskeletal method—bones, joints, tissues, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.
Orthopedic surgeons are trained in the musculoskeletal method. They are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Additionally, orthopedic surgeons may concentrate on a particular field of orthopedics, like pediatrics, sports medicine, or trauma.

Patients might need an orthopedic physician if they have:

  1. Joint or musculoskeletal pain that began after an injury.
  2. Gradually progressive hip or knee pain that is worse with weight bearing.
  3. Joint pain that is severe and interfering with function.
  4. Moderate or advanced arthritis of the knee or hip.

Most orthopedic fractures and conditions are managed without surgery, using a variety of treatments that include activity modification, physical therapy, and medications. Surgery is an option for certain orthopedic difficulties and often for those situations that do not alleviate signs.

The most general orthopedic surgeries are:
Arthroscopic operation of the knee, shoulder, joint, wrist, pelvis, and ankle
Joint replacement operation, during which an arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint
Rehabilitation of soft muscle injuries, such as torn ligaments or ligaments

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